How To Register

Registration for the NCS NE Region Trek Leader course is completed via the council of the camp your are employed by; traditionally you must be employed by a Adirondack trek offering camp in order to attend the Voyageur course.

As positions become available job postings for Trek Directors and Voyageurs will be posted, as well as, contact information for the camps located throughout the Adirondacks.

Job Descriptions
Trek Employees
In agreeing to work at “Camp of Employment”, you are affirming your commitment that you will conduct yourself at all times, both on and away from camp property, so that you are a credit to yourself, the Boy Scouts of America, and “Camp of Employment”.
As a registered member and employee of the Boy Scouts of America and “Council of Employment”, all employees are expected to abide by the policies, principles, aims, and methods of the BSA, including all points of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.
Possess a current training certificate in American Red Cross (or equivalent) CPR, Lifeguard, and Wilderness First Aid (or higher equivalent).
Successfully complete BSA National Camping School Trek Leader(Voyageur) training within the past 5 years prior to employment.
As a staff member of “Camp of Employment”, employees shall attend all required training, perform pre-opening and post-closing camp work duties, and participate in general resident in-camp activities and program functions under the direction of the Camp Director, or as specified in the employment agreement or contact.
Guidelines for work performance are given in the “Camp of Employment” or “Council of Employment” Staff Employee Handbook.
Trek Leader (Voyageur)
Report to the High Adventure Director for trek assignments and other duties as required. In periods when there is no out-of-camp trek scheduled, the High Adventure Director or the Camp Director may assign work duties within other program areas of the camp.
Become familiar with BSA National Standards for High Adventure Programs as they pertain to “Camp of Employment” and out-of-camp high adventure treks. Understand and follow any additional council, local, and state special regulations or requirements applicable to treks.
Meet and greet arriving Scouts and Scouters scheduled to go on trek. Escort and assist them in completing check-in procedures according to local camp policy.
Consult with the Scouts and Scouters to determine desired activities and goals for their trek. Provide any reasonable level of pre-trek skills training that may be necessary. Note and adjust for any limitations, medical conditions, or special need requirements they may have.
Inventory and issue necessary trek gear and trail food. Ensure each scout and leader trek member is sufficiently prepared with proper personal equipment and clothing to participate in the trek.
Brief the trek plan, to include trek behavior, route, emergency procedures, schedule, and enforcement of safety and environmental regulations. Establish individual and group expectations for the week.
Complete pre-trek paperwork required by the Director and relevant policies. Ensure any required permits are acquired.
Provide professional on-trek expertise to ensure a safe and successful high adventure outing.
At the end of the trek, collect, inventory,clean, and stow all camp issued equipment. Complete and turn in any paperwork regarding the trek, and debrief the Director. Participate in post-trek camp functions and program.
Prepare for the next scheduled trek.
High Adventure Director
Direct the overall High Adventure Program.
Report to the Camp Director in all matters pertaining to the High Adventure Program.
Review and understand all applicable sections of the BSA National Standards for High Adventure Programs. Be responsible and coordinate with the Camp Director to ensure “Camp of Employment” is in compliance.
Understand and implement all BSA, local, and state policies and regulations as they pertain to high adventure trips and out-of-camp wilderness camping.
Supervise, coach, and direct the high adventure staff members. Prepare periodic written evaluations of staff to the Camp Direct or according to local policy and format.
Be responsible for the inventory, storage, maintenance, and use of all high adventure equipment and trail food.
Be responsible for the care and use of all vehicles used in conjunction with the High Adventure Program.
Maintain a professional, business-like approach to all aspects of the High Adventure Program, represent the program in resident camp activities, and to the Council leadership.
Submit an end of season report on the High Adventure Program to the Camp Director within two weeks of the close of camp.
Submit written material as requested regarding the High Adventure Program in publications promoting “Camp of Employment”.
Communicate with staff, Scouters, Scouts, visitors, and various state and local officials to promote, plan, and arrange treks.
Communicate and coordinate with trek unit leadership in advance of their arrival at camp.
Possess the physical ability required to transport units to and from trek starting and ending locations and to canoe or hike to assist trek units in an emergency situation.